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2003  Wuxi Comfort Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd established
2004  YF-5 electric delivery table and YJ-6 electric examination table come into the market
2006  YS-3 electro-hydraulic operating table(install above 1300)and YS-100 integrative operating table come into the market
2009  COMFORT 300 electro-hydraulic operating table; i-PORT and TT-PORT series ceiling pendent come into the market.
2010  Flower LED  series LED surgical take the lead into the market
2011  ALPHA series surgical  light come into the market(new type reflector patent)
2012  EXLED 15 changeable temperature LED examination lamp(international leading, the only of China)
2013 ORPILOT digital integrated operating room come into the market
2014 Luckystar surgical light come into the market
2015detrusion the first whole electric motor-drive system operating table of China ROBO 6000

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